Monday, August 15, 2011

A Post I Like

Cripplegate blog has has set of articles recently that I have enjoyed. This is a blog by pastors for pastors, but I think it can be beneficial for anyone. The blog also has multiple contributors, which I tend to enjoy reading from the different authors.

The article I would like to refer to is the one regarding Paul Washer--Jesse Johnson wrote the blog. Paul Washer is a controversial figure who is put down or discounted by numerous people. He is also revered highly by many, as are most controversial figures. Controversy is fine, but much controversy happens as the result of the shallow judgment of sound bites and incomplete information. This judgment is not always wrong, but most often reflects our biases; this isn’t always bad, but care and wisdom must be exercised.

Nonetheless, I think that this blog entry by Jesse is helpful in the ongoing process of learning how to ethically, biblically, and with humble fairness conduct ourselves in the realm of social media. Don't misunderstand, the author of the blog is commenting about Washer and how he views him, but I benefited because he helped me think through the way I view others as a result of limited exposure in sound bites, video clips, and terse criticisms or resounding praise. Anyway, here is the link;

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